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A highly qualified mechanical company

Our company supplies high precision mechanical transmission parts. The production of gears, racks and worms finds application in numerous industrial sectors and third-party processing is carried out according to the specific requests of each customer.


Customer oriented

Our approach to the customers is based on the extreme attention to their needs, and in particular to give them a technical support too, both during the design phase and during engineering phase. We are able to satisfy also prototypes and small series requests for high quality parts.
In fact, we intend the pursuit of Quality, not only as the fulfilment of technical specifications, but also as overall reliability.

D'arco Lazzarini Progetto Orientamto Al cliente

Our history

Our experience in the world of mechanics and gears dates back to 1944, when Mr Felice D’Arco (in the picture the first on the right), a veteran of World War II, undertook his working life in a company situated in Salerno. Among the countless machineries, Mr Felice D’Arco also found some hobbing machines which had remained unused till that moment because nobody had been able to make them work. The commitment to make them work, as well as the accomplishment of the first pieces, sparked a great passion for gears which still lasts unaltered today.

After having worked for 30 years in different engineering companies, in 1974 Mr Felice D’Arco managed to set up his first business called “Meccanica Metelliana” in Cava de’ Tirreni. He took over the small machine shop owned at that time by Basilio Lazzarini. This business also marked the beginning of a great esteem and friendship which would last in time.

In very few years “Meccanica Metelliana” became an important reference point for gears users throughout the region and in 1982 this company turned into D’ARCO Ltd. moving into larger premises and widening its range of products. Its most important feature was the introduction of the manufacturing process of Spiral Bevel Gears “Gleason” system which had been realized custom-made for the first time in the south of Italy.

Foto Storia 1944

Later, Maurizio D’Arco, after he got his degree in Mechanical Engineering from University Federico II of Naples, started working abreast of his father in the company and laid foundations for a qualitative leap forward. In 1989, a new company D’ARCO LAZZARINI Ltd. was founded between Mr Maurizio D’Arco and Mr Mauro Lazzarini, son of the already mentioned Basilio. This new company was based in Buccino, a little town on the mountainside of The Alburni. The synergy between D’ARCO LAZZARINI Ltd. and D’ARCO Ltd. led to the creation of an important pole for gears production in the Province of Salerno which soon went beyond the regional borders. In 2004 these two companies merged into D’ARCO LAZZARINI Ltd. but the owners decided to keep the two manufacturing plants both in Cava de’ Tirreni and in Buccino.

Lately, in 2017, with the aim of optimizing production flows and logistics, the company moved to the current new plant in Montecorvino Pugliano. Currently, our company has 28 employees working in the various sectors, all highly specialized, with an average age of 35 years. The harmony that binds all the staff translates into a close synergy between the departments, a mirror of an organization that is increasingly projected into the future.





The service activities are carried our in short time to meet the extraordinary maintenance needs of our customers and contain machine downtime costs. 


Our technicians can give their advice for the implementation and optimization of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance schedules.

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